Making of Valentine’s Day cards and Memories

In February, we gathered neighbors and soon-to-be neighbors, old friends and new friends, to share in a meal and make Valentine’s cards for a local nursing home.  The evening began somewhat quietly and subdued with introductions being made — a quiet crowd of people mostly new to each other sitting in a circle making small talk.  But as the warm bowls of soup were passed from hand to hand and bread was broken, the volume slowly increased and laughter began to fill the room.  And by the end of the evening, there was singing!  Our favorite love songs were blasting, karaoke was being sang into invisible microphones, love notes written to our friends and community littered the table, and bunny ears were thrown up behind friends’ heads in pictures.  

And this was the beginning of our small and joyous, humble and exuberant community.

Kindred spirits, indeed.