Making an entrance!

Last night, we kicked off our summer hangouts with a trip down to the new baseball stadium in town, the Fayetteville Woodpeckers!  And rather than just simply carpooling to the game, we decided to show up in style — on a giant hay trailer pulled by a tractor!  I’m sure you can imagine all the confused looks we received and we putted down the road and waved to everyone we drove by.  We were quite a sight to behold!

It was a beautiful spring night, warm with a strong hint of summer in the air, and nothing felt more right than chowing down on some hotdogs and pretzels as we watched the Woodpeckers pull out a win.  We danced to each song that came on over the loudspeakers, decked ourselves out in Woodpecker’s merchandise, received a lots of hugs from Bunker (the Woodpecker’s mascot) and maybe, just maybe, had the most fun out of everyone there!

Check out our pictures from the night, and be on the lookout for our summer calendar — sure to be chock full of adventures & joy!