About Us

Mission: to celebrate our belonging in Christ through friendships between adults with and without disabilities.

Vision: to create a space where adults with and without disabilities can be with each other for the good of ourselves and the good of our community.

Our desire is to be the community of people who occupy and breathe life into the beautiful communal spaces of Friendship House Fayetteville and Friendship Community Gardens — coming alongside these incredible organizations and turning their beautiful spaces into havens for folks of all abilities. It is in these places that we’ll find we are more similar in kind than different and, in turn, give glory to God!

When the daytime program launches in September, a typical day will look like spending time tending to the land and gardening with Friendship Community Gardens, sharing meals at the Friendship House grange, and working with Cape Fear Regional Theatre. So while we’re separate organizations, much of what we do will be partnered together!

After graduating from high school, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are often pushed further to the margins of society, as opportunities for community and growth become even more limited. This I/DD community is under-served and overlooked vocationally, emotionally, and relationally. Simultaneously, the “abled” community is unknowingly missing out on the unexpected gift of genuine friendship from the “disabled” community. Kindred Ministries will serve as a bridge between the seen “abled” and the unseen “disabled” communities.

Kindred Ministries believes that we belong to a God who wants to be with all of us; therefore, we are called to be with each other regardless of our appearance or our ability to see, hear, walk, or talk. Kindred Ministries is committed to care uniquely, celebrate intentionally, and more fully understand the wondrous complexity of each of God’s beloved children in light of the Gospel.

Kindred Ministries is a space of belonging for adults with and without developmental disabilities; a community of mutual caring in Christ in spite of and because of our different abilities; a haven where we find we are more similar in kind than different — kindred spirits, indeed.

Community Partnerships:

Friendship House Fayetteville

Friendship Community Gardens

Cape Fear Regional Theatre

Our Team:

Scott Cameron — Founder

Sarah Johnson — Director

Our Board:

Carol Ann Tally

Haden Boliek

Michael Brown

Scott Cameron

Sarah Johnson